Fate often loves irony. In early October, the serial entrepreneur and founder of Tesla Motors Elon Musk jokingly said that "Apple is the cemetery for engineers" of his company. Ie there go all who do not do well enough in Tesla. Days later, his group made a historic step and only through software update became Model S in the autonomous car. Achievement, which makes it peculiar Apple's automotive industry.
But to "Apple" has its price. Amid the many positive reviews of the new service quickly emerged and sharp attacks. Despite their brave company continues to develop its technology and make it available on their cars around the world. Unlike Apple, however, often does not tolerate criticism particularly well, Tesla quickly address them, constantly updated and improved technology. Of course, no lack of abuses function by car owners who deliberately do not comply with warnings of the company. All this gives enough useful and interesting information not only about the potential and risks of the technology, but also suggests how the public is ready for it.
Free chauffeur
Autopilot possibilities of the moment are fairly basic. In fact some of them are available in expensive limousines of the caliber of Mercedes S Class and "week" of BMW. But while these functions are limited to automatic stop when detecting incident circumvent the obstacle, maintaining speed and distance on the highway and parking aid, Autopilot, Tesla has much larger ambitions. It's free for owners of the Model S and Model X, and is not costly additional function. In the middle of this week Elon Musk announced that function has received the approval of regulators in almost all over the world and will be available for all cars of the two ranges everywhere except Japan. Matter of time before the service is enabled and there, waiting for the decision of the institutions.
And something else. The function is sent to the car via the Internet. Car does not need to be kept in the dealer or to make any special settings. At one point the car just inform the owner that the Autopilot is already installed. Of course, there is a catch. The first generation of the Model S can not take advantage of technology, because it has all the necessary sensors. According to Musk processing is too complex and expensive and does not make sense. The businessman did not specify how many cars that can use the Autopilot. The company, however it is important to have as many. "All vehicles, Tesla are as a network. When a car know something everyone else learn. When more people use the function, the information is uploaded to the network. Every driver is practically coach autopilot," said Musk to the online edition IBTimes. Musk emphasizes that technology is in "beta" and the driver must keep hands on the wheel constantly. Except that it is more secure, he will be responsible for accidents regardless of the behavior of the Autopilot. However Musk stated that the software will be updated regularly, with the first update is expected within days and improve the accuracy of management, compliance lane on roads in poor condition and others.